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The Chris/Jensen/Steve Slash Community

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The Chris/Jensen/Steve Slash Community


This is the community for all things Chris/Jensen/Steve. If you've got some fanfic, slash fic, art, ect. to post then this is the community for you.

1: The pairings accepted here is Chris/Jensen/Steve, Chris/Steve, Jensen/Chris, and Steve/Jensen. However other pairings are allowed so long as Jensen, Steve or Chris is a part of the main pairing.

2: Flamming will not be tolerated here.

3: You are allowed to post icons, graphics, pics, etc. They are more than welcome, in fact, but please place them behind an lj-cut. And please use an lj-cut for posts over 100 words.

4: Please use the following template when posting a fic.

Genre: (Not necessary but sometimes appreciated)
Warnings/Author's Note: (If applicable)

Warning: There is material on this journal that some may find offensive. This is a journal of literature and some of the stories contains material not suitable for children and are strickly for adults only. Please don't read if you're underage. Thank you.


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